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Following the alleged disclosure of confidential information and involvement in betting on NBA games, Toronto Raptors player Jontay Porter was banned for life from the NBA League on 17 April 2024. As reported by Associated Press (AP), the ban imposed by Commissioner Adam Silver follows the League’s investigation of the unusual circumstances surrounding the recent game against Sacramento, simultaneously featuring the player’s unexpected performance and the respective $1.1 million payout claim from a bettor.

Banned for Life:

Any involvement in sports betting on the NBA games is strictly prohibited for NBA players. Last season, the League punished several infringements with temporary suspensions. However, Jontay Porter’s alleged violation of the NBA rules is referred to as ”blatant” by the NBA League Commissioner Adam Silver. The executive reportedly explains that such actions have triggered ”the most severe punishment.”

Unusual Gambling Patterns Triggered NBA Probe:

According to AP, the investigation started after the League received information from “licensed sports betting operators and an organization that monitors legal betting markets” about the allegedly unusual connection between some gambling patterns and Porter’s performance in a game against Sacramento on 20 March 2024.

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Prop-Bet Expected $1.1m Payout:

The same source reports that the NBA found that Porter shared the information about his health status with two bettors. One of them – reportedly known as an NBA bettor – placed a $80,000 online wager that Porter would not reach the scores set for him in parleys. As reported, such an unexpected performance would have triggered a $1.1 million payout for that bet.

As 24-year-old Porter had a season average that was reportedly likely to transfer his two-way contract into a full NBA contract next season, odds seemed low for the subject prop-bet to win. But after three minutes of the game, Porter claimed illness and stayed out for the rest of the game, thus failing to meet the figures from the parlay. As AP reports, the League said that the $80,000 bet was frozen, and the investigation was launched shortly after the disputable event.

”Blatant Violation”:

As a result, the NBA found that Porter violated its strict rules regarding betting and the Collective Bargaining Agreement. “Any Player who, directly or indirectly, wagers money or anything of value on any game or event in the Association or in the NBA G League shall, on being charged with such wagering, be given an opportunity to answer such charges after due notice, and the decision of the Commissioner shall be final, binding, and conclusive and unappealable,” it reportedly says.

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Wagering a Total of $54,094:

According to the source, the NBA found that Porter placed bets on NBA games using someone else’s account, with bets ranging from $15 to $22,000. In total, he wagered $54,094 to generate $21,965 in net winnings. ESPN was first to report the investigation after Porter mirrored his performance from the game against La Clippers on 26 January to the Sacramento game held on 20 March 2024, as reported by AP. In the NBA, such a move represents a ”cardinal sin,” according to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

Toronto Raptors’ Roster Excluding Porter:

Shortly before the NBA announced the ban, Raptors President Masai Ujiri reportedly said:  “You don’t want this for the kid, you don’t want this for our team and we don’t want this for our league, that’s for sure.” After the League unveiled the decision, the Raptors said they are “fully supportive of the league’s decision to ban Jontay Porter from the NBA and are grateful for the swift resolution to this investigation. We will continue to cooperate with all ongoing inquiries,” as AP reports.

The same source also reports that Porter has been listed out of all of the Toronto Raptors games for the rest of the season, with the absence reportedly due to personal reasons.

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