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The Danish Gambling Authority says it is “too early to conclude” that the introduction of ID requirements in land-based gambling is having a marked impact on stakes.

Spending in retail gaming settings in October and November reduced by 7.8 per cent and seven per cent year-on-year, respectively.

However, two per cent was the biggest such decline in any of the previous months of 2023, which came in June.

In fact, land-based gaming stakes remained stable year-on-year in every other month until October and November, rising or falling by around one per cent.

The observed decline in stakes in October and November is therefore telling, but the Danish regulator said it cannot yet conclude that the introduction of player ID in retail settings is to blame for the reduction.

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Upon announcing the move at the end of September, the Danish Gambling Authority said it stemmed from “a political desire to increase consumer protection and reduce the risk of young people under the age of 18 gaining access to gambling in physical stores.”

“In addition, there is a desire to strengthen efforts to combat match-fixing and money laundering,” it said.

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