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Land-based casinos and casinos at sea are protected by the iVIZION bill validator from JCM Global and now JCM is celebrating the latest installation of iVIZION on a Norwegian Cruise Lines ship.

Ever since the new Norwegian Prima set sail, the 298 devices in its casino have been protected by JCM’s iVIZION and its leading CIS Contact Image Sensing technology.

The installation marks the next phase of a long-standing relationship between JCM and NCL. JCM bill validators are currently operating in more than 4,400 slots across all NCL ships.

“We are thrilled to again have expanded our existing relationship with Norwegian Cruise Lines and to be part of the incredible new Norwegian Prima.

“The ship is full of outstanding features that elevate expectations and iVIZION’s better, smarter, faster capabilities further deliver on the NCL brand experience,” said JCM’s SVP of sales, marketing and operations, Dave Kubajak. “JCM’s landmark iVIZION is the most advanced bill validator in its class. Its CIS technology scans 75 times more data points than any bill validator in its class, capturing the full image of both sides of a banknote or ticket.

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“The CIS validation technology is combined with a patented anti-stringing device to detect and prevent manipulation or mechanical cheating.”

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