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The GLI Group has acquired all the outstanding shares in iTech Global (iTech Labs), a leading global gaming testing laboratory.

The company is now a wholly owned subsidiary of GLI Australia. iTech Labs will continue to operate its global network of testing laboratories independently while coordinating its efforts with GLI’s larger sales and back-office staff globally.

The arrangement allows iTech’s clients to benefit from GLI’s global network of laboratories and relationships with regulators worldwide. “We are pleased iTech will continue to be branded as iTech and will operate as they have over the past 19 years,” said GLI co-founder James  Maida. 

“We are pleased that Kiren Sreekumar, Geoff Nicoll, nAni Srinivasan and the entire management, testing and sales teams will continue to operate and be licensed in the jurisdictions they serve.” 

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“The GLI Group shares our values and deep commitment to providing our customers best-in-class service and we are exceedingly pleased with this investment,” said Kiren Sreekumar.

“While iTech has achieved great success over the past many years, with the GLI Group’s support we are confident that iTech’s growth will be enhanced and thereby benefiting our customers,” 

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