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The Gambling Commission has established an Industry Forum with the aim of gaining further insight into the views of operators.

The group, which will sit alongside initiatives such as the Lived Experience Advisory Panel and the Advisory Board for Safer Gambling, will be made up of stakeholders from Britain’s gambling industry.

The UKGC hopes the Industry Forum can boost its evidence-led approach to discussions, research and consultations.

The Forum will share industry views on consultations, data and account management, with the Gambling Commission to recruit a chair of the Forum for a three-year term in addition to other members.

The Commission will begin recruiting for a chairperson this month and the Forum will hold around 10 members representative of the range of gambling sectors, with the regulator also set to invite expressions of interest in becoming a member.

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Marcus Boyle, Commission Chair, said the forum “will give us another way to work with representatives from the industry we regulate.”

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