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The National Council on Problem Gambling is taking part in Problem Gambling Awareness Month in the US, with ‘Every Story Matters’ this year’s theme.

The initiative brings together a range of stakeholders to both support those suffering from gambling harms and prevent others from suffering.

NCPG state affiliates, public health organisations and professional sports leagues are all involved in the work across the month.

“Problem gambling is a clear and growing public health risk, affecting millions of individuals and their loved ones. Yet, our research indicates that fewer than 50 per cent of Americans know where to get help for a gambling problem,” said Keith Whyte, executive director of NCPG.

“By increasing awareness and fostering an open dialogue about problem gambling, we can work to reduce the stigma surrounding gambling addiction and promote the resources available for treatment and recovery.”

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An NCPG statement said: “The PGAM 2024 theme ‘Every Story Matters’ serves as a poignant reminder that each narrative, struggle and victory related to problem gambling is significant.

“By encouraging candid conversations, sharing information on available resources, and spotlighting the many paths to recovery, PGAM aims to reshape public perception, educate communities, and heighten awareness surrounding problem gambling.”

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