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The European Casino Association has released a statement praising Clarion Gaming’s decision to relocate the ICE show to Barcelona.

The move, announced last week, is due to come into effect from 2025.

The statement explains that the ECA “believe[s] Barcelona, with its world-class facilities and outstanding hospitality infrastructure, is not only well-equipped to host these prestigious events but also a place that our members are looking forward to visiting for the International Casino Conference during the ICE exhibition.”

It went on to say that it “extends its heartfelt gratitude” to the city of London “for cultivating a tradition that has nurtured the ICE for numerous years.”

ECA Chair, Erwin van Lambaart, said: “We are pleased by Clarion Gaming’s bold decision to continue the ICE show at a new location starting from 2025. This move aligns well with our longstanding partnership with Clarion Gaming, which we highly value and believe will further enhance the interests of the European casino industry.

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“Additionally, the ECA looks forward to continued cooperation with Clarion Gaming to assist in developing ICE further, making it even more attractive, innovative, and impactful for all stakeholders involved.”

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