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Digitote and SUZOHAPP are pleased to announce the launch of their joint marketing effort promoting their combined solution to provide online sports betting website operators the ability to operate their sportsbook on self-service betting terminals supplied by SUZOHAPP.

“If you are looking to put your sportsbook or racing website onto self-service betting terminals, we have the software solution to achieve it,” states Digitote Managing Director, Gunter Boyks. “We have worked together with SUZOHAPP to develop a solution that connects existing websites with hardware from SUZOHAPP so online sites can be adapted for presentation and operation on self-service betting terminals.”

Digitote and SUZOHAPP entered into their joint marketing agreement in 2018. The collaboration between the companies was originally conceived as a result of the US opening up to sports betting and whereupon Digitote and SUZOHAPP identified the opportunity to assist highly experienced web and mobile sports betting operators with making their existing technology available in a retail environment. Digitote provides the software expertise and SUZOHAPP provides access to the largest single source of gaming equipment and field technical support in the market.

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By leveraging Digitote’s software expertise and SUZOHAPP’s hardware expertise, operators wishing to take advantage of emerging market sports betting opportunities in the US or elsewhere will find the exact solution needed to implement their sports betting capabilities in a retail environment. Offerings range from software-only to hardware-only to full, turnkey solutions and will be available on all platforms.

Digitote has created a software solution for existing online betting sites using SUZOHAPP hardware. Adaptations required for online sportsbooks include:

  • The adaptation of the client’s existing APIs;
  • OS installation;
  • Configuration tools for set-up, main host connection for remote updates;
  • Kiosk browser configuration;
  • Peripheral management tools communicating with ticket printers, TITO, bill acceptors and scanners;
  • Local admin toolset for screen calibration, printer testing, statistics, reports, ticket reprints, withdrawals, balance management, reboot, configuration and log display;
  • Server admin toolset for remote configuration, status management, log display and reports;
  • REST API communicating between server and client for balance management, betting data, ticket printing, payout voucher printing, reports;
  • REST API communicating between client and server for payout requests, login, customer cards, ticket information via scanner;
  • UI development and integration with existing back-office; and
  • Data feed integration
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Innovation in sports betting and gaming is not new to Digitote or SUZOHAPP. Digitote has a 32-year history providing high-performance betting system solutions for all channels. For over 60 years, SUZOHAPP has been designing and manufacturing customized, reliable and well-supported hardware solutions for the global gaming market.

Both Digitote and SUZOHAPP are presenting their products and services at ICE in London 4-6 February.

If you would like to meet with Digitote they are exhibiting at N9-206 and you can connect with them via the Ice website or can email [email protected] for an appointment.


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