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The Danish Gambling Authority has urged land-based operators to assess the impact of new ID requirements on their business models.

At the start of October, Spillemyndigheden made it a requirement for land-based operators to identify all customers before bets can be purchased, with customers also issued a Player ID to which their account is linked.

The regulator said the new rule “impacts the gambling operators’ business model” and has subsequently called on such companies to assess whether their risk of being misused for money laundering and terrorist financing has changed.

“As a rule, a risk assessment must be reassessed at least once a year or otherwise in connection with significant changes in the business model,” the regulator said.

“The introduction of the Player ID may therefore cause the gambling operators to update their risk assessment and, on that basis, update their policies, business procedures and controls.”

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Gambling operators must also consider “which limiting measures must be implemented in order to limit the risk of, for example, misuse of the Player ID.”

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