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In a move to safeguard the integrity of Montenegro’s betting and gaming industry, the head of the Gaming Authority of Montenegro has announced earlier this week the adoption of a stringent new law in 2023.

The announcement of new legislation emerges in the wake of ongoing police investigations targeting illegal retail gambling locations, particularly those that have falsified the distance data from educational institutions to obtain operational licenses. The law signifies a crucial step towards rectifying these issues, aiming to restore fairness and legality within the sector.

Stricter Regulations on Retail Locations

The new Law, as announced, will introduce rigorous checks for retail facilities, with a special focus on their reported distance from schools and other educational facilities. This move is a response to the increasing instances of retail locations providing misleading information to navigate around legal requirements.

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With police forces now actively involved, the government is cracking down on these deceptive practices, ensuring that all gambling operations comply with the highest standards of integrity and legality.

Ensuring Compliance and Integrity

As announced, the pending change in legislation will not merely be about enforcing rules, but also to restore trust in Montenegro’s gaming industry. By targeting illegal retail operations, the authority aims to create a level playing field for all participants, ensuring that competition is fair and based on adherence to regulations.

The rollout of this law is timely, considering the challenges and discrepancies previously plaguing the industry and very recent amendments that took place already in December 2023. It addresses critical concerns by ensuring that retail gambling establishments operate within legal boundaries of legality, particularly in relation to vulnerable populations. With these measures, Montenegro is taking significant strides towards establishing a gambling environment that is not only profitable but also principled and transparent.

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