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Two bespoke powered wheelchairs were presented by ICE London organiser Clarion Gaming to the gambling industry charity CHIPS during the show.

The presentation has provided twin sisters Ava and Nieve Paling, aged 13, who suffer from spastic paraplegia, with independence and freedom at an important stage in their social development.

Linda Lindsay, co-founder of CHIPS, said: “With the twins becoming teenagers they naturally want to spend time with their friends but without an adult to push them their independence has been severely restricted. Mum cannot push both girls together, which means that going out as a family has become impossible.

“Thanks to the support of Clarion Gaming the twins, who love dance and horse riding, now have lightweight wheelchairs with an accessory that turns the chair into a powered chair.

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“The chairs that we provide and that organisations such as Clarion Gaming kindly fund quite simply transform the lives of the recipients and their families.”

Stuart Hunter, managing director of Clarion Gaming, said: “We are delighted to support CHIPS, which is a fantastic charity that’s part of the fabric of the land-based gambling industry.

“Neither Linda nor her fellow trustees claim a penny in expenses, which means that 100 per cent of the funds raised go towards the purchase of bespoke chairs.

“Presenting close to 600 powered wheelchairs and changing so many lives in the process is a phenomenal achievement and as a team we are proud to contribute to the CHIPS success story.”

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