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When it comes to the benefits of playing a video game on a PC versus playing it on a gaming console; the availability of a range of mods is what makes the gaming experience on the PC much more exciting. To be precise, there are instances where mods have introduced notable changes to a game, like its inventory system; while there are instances when these changes are just something that one cannot explain in words. 

To be elaborate, the modifications that these mods introduce to a game transforms them into something that one has never encountered before in its original version. And, Grand Theft Auto is one such heavily modded game. Let’s learn below about some of the weirdest mods in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Looking for affordable gta 5 accounts that support nearly all kinds of mods available out there in the market, have a look at the listing available on sale at CSGO Smurf Ninja. 

Grand Theft Auto Mods That Are Downright Weird

1. Superhero Mods 

This mod variety has been developed for nearly every Grand Theft Auto version. Talking about the USP of this mod, they transform the player character into the superhero of his/her choosing; in the process granting the player character with the very same powers that the superhero is recognised for. 

A very starting instance for one such mod is the Superman mod that made its debut appearance in Vice City; that rendered the player character not only with the looks of a Superman, but also enabled him to fly around the sky. In search of GTA V modded accounts with crossplay functionality, your search comes to an end at CSGOSmurfNinja. Moving ahead, talking about another such superhero mod, it would be Iron Man mod that first appeared in Grand Theft Auto 5. 

Discussing the abilities that Iron Man mod offered to the player character, they allowed him to use the aerial route to navigate around in Los Santos skies; accompanied by an arsenal of repulsor blasts and projectiles. Some other superheros that have been incorporated inside various Grand Theft Auto versions with the help of mods include: Wonder Woman, The Hulk, and The Flash. 

2. The Tidal Wave Modification  

This mod does that very job that you get an idea about when you are reading its title for the very first time; in other words, it brings a tsunami in Los Santos. This mod begins its work by bringing a big earthquake. This is one of those mods that the Grand Theft Auto developer must provide inside the original Grand Theft Auto version; given the fact that the area gets an inspiration from the West Coast. Get 24 hour delivery of your modded accounts purchase only at CSGO Smurf Ninja. 

Going into details, the earthquake makes a mess of the city by throwing both vehicles and pedestrians here and there; in the process causing fire hydrants to explode like a water shower, which makes land-based travel nearly impossible. Things do not just stop at that, post a few aftershocks tsunami makes its arrival in the city. 

It is very risky to swim underwater to safety in the city streets; while the vehicles are being taken away by the currents. Receive 365 days chat support with all your modded account buys; only at CSGOSmurfNinja

3. Grand Theft Pokémon 

This mod is especially meant for the Grand Theft Auto fans who are also a part of the Pokémon fan community; but they do not nurture a liking for cartoons. Moving ahead, it doesn’t come with any harmful or cute small creatures that you must get your hands on; but you can use the pokéball on other members of the Grand Theft Auto community. With this mod, the inventory slot for the baseball bat gets replaced with the ever famous pokéball.

Additionally, as is the case with the Pokémon games you have a greater chance of getting your hands on someone if they are recuperating; and in case someone is taken out with the help of a pokéball; you can free them anytime later on in the game followed by using them as a weapon that fights on players’ behalf. 

4. Zombie Modifications 

Given the global popularity of zombies over the past eight years or so, it is not a surprise that the Grand Theft Auto franchise comes with a multitude of mods that transform them into zombie apocalypse survival games. Grand Theft Auto 5, in particular, comes with a well-made zombie mod, but everyone of its predecessors also comes with one. 

Additionally, there is a zombie mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that goes by the name of “Left 4 Theft”, it has been downloaded more than a million times. Not just that, several of these mods fare better than real zombie apocalypse games; all thanks to the huge, thorough open arena of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. 

Final Words

Sticking to the daily routine, we will conclude this session with a succinct review of the principal ideas we have learned. To begin with, GTA is an open-world game that has offered the Grand Theft Auto community with an engaging gameplay, expansive map, along with a wide range of mods. Talking about the mods, they have played a crucial part in keeping GTA relevant even to this day. Finally, take a dive into the details of some ever famous mods with the help of this article. 

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