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The largest Las Vegas-style casino on the Balkan peninsula, Palms Royale Sofia, was visited 162,875 times from the beginning of January 2022 to the first days of March 2023.

The complex, which will soon celebrate its second birthday, is located in the Bulgarian capital’s tallest and most luxurious building, Grand Hotel Millennium Sofia, and it offers exclusive holiday packages designed to meet all the specific customer requirements.

For a period of a year and two months, 20,430 new clients have been registered atn the casino. Most of them come from Israel, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, France, Germany, Macedonia, Serbia and the UK.

“We are very proud that, apart from countries like Israel and Turkey, where these types of services are not offered, we welcome many people from places that are known for their nightlife and gaming tourism,” said Rudi Bakov, CEO of Palms Royale Sofia.

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“This shows that the level of services we offer is very high. Very often after their first visit our guests return to us, which is proof that we have succeeded in building trust with the clients and we’ve managed to deliver them a complex experience.” 

According to Bakov, there is a tendency for foreign tourists to increase. “The most active period is November to January. These visits have a very positive impact on the Bulgarian economy because, during their stay tourists engage in a range of activities through which they support small and medium businesses.”

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