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BMM Innovation Group is celebrating its relationship with tribal suppliers, regulators and operators through a collaboration with Choctaw Nation master artist DG Smalling.

Smalling, who is best known for single-line drawings, creating an entire piece of artwork without his pen leaving the paper, is creating a piece called ‘Hand to Hand’, representing BIG’s relationship to the tribal gaming world.

The piece will be showcased at the IGA show April 10 – 11, and will be giving away signed reprints on the first day.

BIG’s chairman and CEO Martin Storm said: “We are honoured to be able to work with such an internationally celebrated and recognised tribal artist, DG Smalling, to create artwork that reflects our deep roots in tribal gaming and the importance of the BIG companies in protecting tribal gaming and all who play through best-in-class product testing and certification, cybersecurity protection solutions, and compliance-grade training.”

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Smalling added: “I was excited to create this piece for the BMM Innovation Group. This artwork depicts the role of BMM as an agency of quality control to protect tribal sovereignty from outside intervention; the intersection of Tribal nations, Indian Gaming, and BMM as a day-to-day presence securing Indian Gaming integrity, and thereby, its sovereignty.”

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