Altenar Partners with Optimove to Deliver an Exceptional Player Experience to Its Customers

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One of the leading software providers and sportsbooks in the iGaming market, Altenar, joined forces with Optimove to enhance the players’ experience and secure a smooth and seamless operating process.

Positioning in the global market:

Optimove is a renowned CRM marketing platform that provides a range of companies with advanced tools and software that help in increasing the players’ retention and engagement. One of its most popular products is Opti-X, a recommendation and search engine that uses AI technology to deliver unparalleled results.

Thanks to this partnership, Altenar will strengthen its position in the global market. An advanced integration that Optimove offers to its partners makes its sportsbooks stand out on the global market and promises even further development in the future.

But what exactly will the provider get through this agreement? Its players all over the world will be able to enjoy personalized, improved content on various channels, and both web and mobile users will be able to experience the benefits of this integration and enjoy an enhanced player experience.

Thanks to an advanced AI-powered search engine, customers will get an opportunity to easily find the best products on the market and broaden their horizons when it comes to iGaming content.

Industry leaders:

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Altenar is one of the leading sportsbooks and content providers, especially in the Latin American market. It became famous for its advanced sportsbook solutions, as well as fantastic management that allows a smooth and secure gambling experience. On top of that, the sportsbook provides the players with stable and secure betting, as well as advanced configurability that allows the players to create their own sports betting world and customize it to suit all their needs.

Charlie Williams, Commercial Director at Altenar, said: “This partnership is a game-changer for our operator portfolio. Opti-X’s AI-led content and product recommendations solution will empower operators to serve each player with the right digital recommendations at the right time, enhancing retention and elevating player experience. That is a surefire step toward better player loyalty and trust, enhanced retention, and a better bottom line.”

Dan de Souza, Global Director of Partnerships at Optimove, added: “This announcement marks a significant milestone for Opti-X and its value for iGaming operators. Much like Altenar, we continue to expand in LatAm, so this partnership is a no-brainer. Combining our technology with Altenar’s unparalleled industry expertise enables us to deliver innovative solutions that drive iGaming operators’ business growth. As players’ attention spans continue to shrink, operators must gain the ability to start marketing with the player and provide relevant and personalized recommendations, services, and products to keep them around for longer and coming back for more.”

Altenar was founded in 2011, and back then they made a promise to always be committed to the excellence of their products and services – the promise that they fulfill with each new product on the market. Its vast network of partners currently includes big industry names such as EverBet, Lottoland, Estrela Bet, and many more. 

Optimove has been present in the market since 2012, and in the past 12 years, it gained the trust of more than 1.200 brands, including Entain, bet365, John Hardy, and others. Its main mission is to ensure that the customers remain loyal to brands through advanced tools that improve the customers’ engagement and retention through various channels.

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