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There may have been a time when online gaming was simply a digital version of land-based games, but these days the relationship between the industries is far more symbiotic and complex.

So says Vladimir Vukomanović, sales director at Fazi. “Our Ca$hMast€r multigame slot machine proves the effectiveness of taking games developed for online and putting them in the land-based space.”

The vibrant cabinet, displaying two angled 27ins full HD LCD screens with new generation 25mm LED lighting, features popular Fazi online games as well as Novomatic classics.

“Catching the attention of digital players and having them see familiar titles in the land-based space is very welcoming for people who are looking to experience their favourite game on a night out in a casino environment.

“In an age where it feels like people are on their phones all the time for everything, it can be a great experience to see your favourite game brought to life like never before.”

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