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Ahead of the highly-anticipated Prague Gaming & TECH Summit, organizer HIPTHER is thrilled to introduce and put the spotlight on the companies and people that help make the magic happen: our conference sponsors! These innovative, accomplished professionals and teams make magic happen everyday, and they will be joining us at the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 taking place on 26-27 March, to share insights, network and collaborate with you! Get to know them, connect, and meet them in Prague!


In this Sponsors Spotlight Interview, the #hipthers introduce SYNOT Games, Lanyards Sponsor of the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit, and catch up with SYNOT’s Head of Account Management, Jan Sipovsky, on iGaming innovation and the secret to industry success.


Dear Jan, thank you for joining us for this interview, we are delighted to host you! Can you please introduce yourself, providing our readers with a glimpse into your personal background and your role at SYNOT Games?

Hello dear readers. It has been nearly 20 years since I packed my bags and moved to the UK, where I started as a young enthusiast studying and later working in a field of management. Throughout my career I have moved through several industries, eventually anchoring in gambling. First as a part of the team preparing and organizing the launch of the Hippodrome Casino in London, which left a positive mark on me and this was a moment when I realized this is something I want to do until the end of my life. As the years passed and my experience expanded in various fields of gaming, I was approached by my colleagues from SYNOT Games with a humble request to share my know-how and join their team; and here I am, looking after over 140 unique games from our production, 200 clients, 1500 casinos and leading and mentoring team of 16 beautiful people from various countries which is continuously growing and expanding.


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Now, let’s dive into SYNOT Games. Can you share with us an overview of the company’s operations and offerings? Additionally, are there any recent achievements or milestones that SYNOT Games is particularly proud of?

SYNOT Games is a young, dynamically growing company with a lot of drive. I always tell people that it is the most amazing business you can be in, considering none of your working days are the same – every day is unique and very special. From year to year our team expands significantly. At the moment there are four internal game developing teams dedicated to the development of the slot games for our online division, a team of professional sales representatives, account managers, compliance officers and many other developing teams taking care of our internal CRM systems and data warehouses.

From last year we added a team of table game developers, a team of retention tool developers and we are continuously working on new strategies and products to expand our portfolio and to be as competitive as needed. We have a team of dedicated account managers taking care of various jurisdictions and markets, which is split in two divisions, one in Malta and one based in Slovakia. 


SYNOT Games has more than 30 years of experience in gaming, constantly keeping in touch with innovation; according to your experience in the company, and from your position as Head of Account Management, what is the “secret sauce” for SYNOT’s continuous success in the competitive iGaming industry?

We strongly concentrate on creating strategies before targeting any particular market, through thorough analyses and planning. Our vision is to be a significant, strong and valuable partner to our stakeholder in all regulated markets around the world. I do not know if there is any “secret sauce” to the success of our business, but one thing I can tell you for sure, proactive approach to business is a must, and surrounding yourself with people who have drive and willingness to learn is second must. Once you have all the tools, willingness and people who believe in your vision, it is like spreading butter on a piece of bread. Therefore my only advice would be: “Grow your people and your people will grow your business.”    


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In the company’s latest news, we read about SYNOT Games’ partnership with Euro Queen in the Czech Republic. What does this partnership entail, and what are the company’s goals and strategic plans for the Czech gaming market? How do these align with the current industry trends and regulatory landscape?

We value every partnership. Each and every client is being treated with the same respect. When it comes to our business partners, we all bring different expertise to the table and we all participate in our mutual success. It is very important that each and every partnership is treated with utmost respect and professionalism. We always bring to the game a valuable analytical approach and we create a unique strategy based on our clients vision and preference. It is not any different with the Euro Geen.

In terms of the Czech Market, it is not less or more important than any other market we supply our games to. Even though it is the Czech market where the story of SYNOT started, throughout the past 30 years we managed  to leave a visible mark also in many other markets, not only in the Czech Republic, but Europe with ambitions and amazing plans to submit applications for the licenses in all US regulated states and Ontario.

When it comes to the Czech regulation and challenges these days, I must admit it is not very new to us, as we tackle more than 40 jurisdictions with various regulatory changes and adjustments, which brings weekly if not daily new requirements. All we must do is to be highly organized and proactive.

On the other hand, correct and insightful regulation is vital for any government’s vision to tackle black, illegal and dodgy businesses within the gaming industry, and also to secure steady and regular income for the state. Regulation shouldnt be done with a vision of eliminating gambling entirely and should be done together with operators in order to prevent players from playing elsewhere in unregulated markets, thus securing absence of income.    


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Considering SYNOT Games’ role as a Sponsor of the upcoming Prague Gaming & TECH Summit and your participation, what is your message to the iGaming companies and professionals attending the summit? How can SYNOT contribute to their success in the Czech market and beyond?

SYNOT  brings to each and every of our partner’s valuable expertise of the market, creates the strategy and follows the vision. We believe these are the main building blocks of any successful business. My message to all participants at the Prague Gaming & Tech Summit is simple and maybe clique: “where there is a will, there is a way.”

Have a wonderful summit experience all.



Thank you, Jan, for providing us with valuable insights into SYNOT Games’ successful journey, and the company’s role in the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit. We look forward to meeting you in Prague, and appreciate your time in sharing your perspectives with our readers!

Meet Jan Sipovsky and the rest of SYNOT Games delegates at Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2024! Secure your tickets now and get ready for an exciting event!

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