$1.8 Million Bad Beat Jackpot Hits at Canada’s Playground Poker Club

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Playground Poker Club Bad Beat Jackpot

Poker players at Canada’s Playground Poker Club got an unexpected surprise in the form of seven figures on Friday as the club’s bad beat jackpot hit for nearly CAD $2 million.

The bad beat jackpot at Playground Poker had climbed to CAD $1,817,990 (approximately $1.3 million USD) before a straight flush versus quads collision that the club documented and shared across social media.

Seven Figures for Lucky Canadian Poker Players

Details have yet to come about the bad beat jackpot, including the game stakes, payouts for both players and table share.

A photo of the board appears to show a flop of 9J10 before a runout of 10J to for a runner-runner bad beat.

While the full hole cards are out of frame, a 7 for one player and a J for the other make it clear it was seven-eight of spades versus red jacks.

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PokerNews will update this story when more information is made available.

Nothing New for Playground Poker Club

This isn’t the first time a massive bad beat jackpot has hit at Playground Poker Club. In fact, the Canadian poker club set the bad beat jackpot record last August in a $1/$2 no-limit Hold’em game that paid out CAD $2,590,185 (approximately $1.9 million USD).

That particular jackpot left Hoan Truong taking home CAD $984,270 and Marc Andre Ouellon winning CAD $492,135.

Hoan Truong holds up the bad beat jackpot check
Hoan Truong

In 2022, the previous largest bad beat jackpot of CAD $2.2 million jackpot hit at the same location.

*Images courtesy of Playground Poker Club social media.

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