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Cryptocurrency casinos have proven to be preferable to those that only accept fiat money. Using BTC to make wagers allows users to make fast, safe, anonymous payments and instantly transfer the funds.

Since there are almost countless new crypto casinos, choosing the one that suits your needs may be a somewhat challenging task, especially for a novice. This article will outline the features players should look for in BTC casinos. These work regardless of what games you plan to play and the amounts you plan to wager.


 The first thing to look for from cryptocurrency casino websites is for them to have the proper licenses issued by the government bodies that regulate online gambling. A license is proof that the government has looked into the casino and its practices and that it’s safe to use.

Some small and new casinos don’t have proper licenses and often offer generous bonuses and additional features as a way to compensate for it. It’s best to steer clear of those establishments regardless of their enticing offer.

Which Currencies Can You Use?

 Online gambling sites should offer as many different currencies as possible. Most of the best sites let the players choose between wagering in fiat currencies and cryptos. There’s also a growing number of establishments that accept cryptocurrencies only.

 To provide the players with variety and backup options, it’s best to have the ability to wager using some of the largest cryptos out there, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and some of the biggest altcoins.

Players should have the option to pay with fiat currencies using bank accounts, debit cards, and digital wallets. These are more expensive than using BTC since they come with fees.

Anonymous Wagers 

One of the features players have come to expect from online casinos is the ability to make wagers without providing personal data or even their real names. This is possible when using cryptocurrencies since no centralized structure provides personal information.

Some online casinos follow what’s called Know Your Customer Laws. These require the players to provide their real name before signing up for an account. It’s a measure meant to prevent money laundering, but some players feel that it defeats the purpose of using cryptocurrencies. As cryptos become more common and widely regulated, more casinos will introduce such measures.

Selection of Games

 Crypto casinos should offer a wide variety of games for the players to choose from. In the broadest sense, there are games of luck, such as slots and dice games, and games of skill, such as poker and blackjack. With games of luck, players can’t affect the outcome, and with games of skill, it matters what moves the players choose to make.

Games also differ in terms of what kind of wagers players can make, and a good Bitcoin casino allows the players to make both small and large bets with the same odds of winning.

Sports Betting

 Not all online casinos provide sports betting options to their players. Some are dedicated to providing casino games only and usually mimic the look and feel of visiting a casino in their aesthetic. On the other hand, sports betting is becoming very popular, as it depends on the player’s analytics skills and knowledge.

A great thing about cryptocurrency casinos that provide sports betting is that the odds of a wager are written into the blockchain code itself so that the payments are automated once the terms of the wager are met.

Mobile Gambling

 Casinos should be able to provide their services on both mobile and desktop devices. Most of the younger players are used to wagering using mobile devices only, and the casino should provide all the services and features for all players regardless of their devices.

Some casinos provide this service by making their games available on a browser run from a mobile device, while others have dedicated apps. Since BTC wallets can also be accessed using a mobile device, the players can transfer funds and make wagers with nothing but a mobile device.

Bonuses and Promotions 

All crypto casinos provide bonuses and special promotions. This is a way for a casino to reward loyal players and attract those who are new to online gambling. The bonuses come in many different shapes and forms. Some are direct deposits to the player’s accounts, others match the deposits the player has made, and others come as free spins and turns. Some casinos also provide bonuses to those who refer new players.

Bonuses are never free. Instead, they come with wagering requirements. This means that the players must spend some of their funds to withdraw the bonus. The requirements are often too high, and the bonus isn’t worth it.

Responsible Gambling Measures

 Gambling can be addicting, and online casinos need to address that fact and provide measures to help the players battle it. Games are often designed to keep the players wagering more and chasing the losses. That’s why responsible gambling measures need to be installed so that the players can deal without relying on their willpower alone.

The measures include automating a stop loss and locking the players out of their accounts. A stop loss is a point at which the player has lost too much and gets signed out of their account. It’s best for players to set up a stop-loss before they start playing. That way, they can limit how much they lose.

Social Features

 Many crypto casinos offer social features that allow the players to connect with others at their table. Sometimes, this is done by connecting the casino with social media; some casinos offer social features. It’s often a way for new and inexperienced players to follow and copy the wagers made by those with more experience.

It’s also important to note that most casinos allow the players not to use this option, as they are looking for online casinos as a pastime that doesn’t require a social media presence.

Customer Support

Since online crypto casinos don’t have a physical location, one of the most important features they need to provide is customer support. It’s the only channel the players will have to contact the casino and address any and all issues they may have while playing.

Good customer support is the one that the players can contact at any time and via a variety of different channels (that should include emails, chats, phone calls, and social media), and that’s staffed by friendly experts who can provide accurate information. It also helps if the support is available in several languages.

To Sum Up

 There are a lot of crypto casinos out there, and the market keeps growing. Using cryptocurrencies to make wagers is efficient and safe, and it comes with many benefits that fiat money can’t provide. When choosing which casinos to use, players need to pay attention to many different features.

These include how safe the casino is and whether it is legal to use, what kind of games it provides, and what currencies players can use to gamble in it. They should also consider its Bitcoin bonus policy and whether the casino can be used on a mobile device. It’s equally important to have a variety of social features and good customer support.

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