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Crash gambling always had a following. Games of luck in general, are well-liked among the players as they are easy to learn and there’s always a chance of winning big. Crash games are random in their outcome and the players don’t need to pay close attention to the gameplay.

Crash gambling was always open to innovation and it quickly adapted to the use of cryptocurrencies as a payment option. The emergence of crypto in crash gambling has helped expand and improve the industry and it brought on many new players.

What is Crash Gambling?

Crash gambling is a simple and straightforward gambling game of luck. The game involves a steady multiplier that the players bet on as it multiplies the potential winnings until it suddenly stops or crashes.  The goal of the game is to stop betting and withdraw your winnings before this happens.

There’s no way for a player to know or predict when the game will crash, so the winnings are made based on luck alone. Online crash games are based on a random number generator, so there’s no reason to chase your losses.

What’s Bitcoin Crash Gambling?

Crash games with Bitcoin payments work the same way as those that use traditional fiat currency. The gameplay is the same, and the odds of winning are equal (and equally random). The only difference is that the players betting with Bitcoin enjoy the benefits that come with using cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin has already made its way into the gambling industry and numerous other games are using it for payments. Younger players and those that are more tech-savvy are used to it by now. They also enjoy fast games of luck, which makes it a perfect fit for crash gambling.

What are the Benefits of Bitcoin Crash Gambling?

Using Bitcoin for crash games comes with a great many advantages for the players. That’s why Bitcoin crash gambling has gained so many players recently and why many more Bitcoin crash gambling sites are opening every day. The advantages of the unique blockchain technology powering cryptocurrencies.

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Fast Payments

Bitcoin allows the players of crash games to make fast payments. Since cryptocurrencies don’t rely on any centralized banking infrastructure for payments, there’s no reason for delays. Payments to and from the betting site accounts are instantaneous.

Players should also be aware that fast and easy payments aren’t always a good thing as they allow you to quickly and simply add funds and keep betting after a few bad turns. That’s why careful bankroll management is of the essence with Bitcoin crash gambling.

Anonymous Gambling

Using Bitcoin as a payment method for crash gambling allows players to bet without providing any of their personal information. Cryptocurrencies don’t use any traditional banking structure and this provides a level of privacy you wouldn’t otherwise get.

All that a player needs to connect their crypto wallet with a crash gambling site is an email address. Some casinos are implementing what’s known as “know your customer laws”. In these casinos, the player needs to provide an ID in order to set up an account. At this point, there are no crash gambling sites that require it.

Provably Fair Games

Crash games are based on a random number generator, which means that the odds of winning are clearly defined. Bitcoin crash games have the odds written into the blockchain code so that the payments are automatically executed when a player wins and withdraws at the right time.

This also means that the games are provably fair since the players are able to examine the open-source code and therefore learn about their chances of winning.

Crash Gambling Worldwide

Using Bitcoin to gamble on crash games, means that players from anywhere in the world can take part and place their bets. Some countries don’t allow gambling on games of luck and others don’t allow any gambling. Players based in these countries can use VPNs to get access to crash gambling sites.

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Cryptocurrencies on the other hand are available almost anywhere and players can easily connect them with a crash gambling site. In some parts of the world, there’s an increased interest in online gambling, as there’s a growing middle class with plenty of disposable income to spend.

Automating Bets

Bitcoin crash gambling lends itself to the benefits of automated betting. The players can’t do anything to affect the outcome of a game or predict when the game will crash. All the players can do is decide how much they are going to bet on every multiplier.

This allows the players to set up the terms of the bet beforehand to automate the bets and let the game play out without having to pay close attention to it. Automated bets also allow players to implement betting strategies.

Betting strategies work best on wagers with doubling multipliers as it allow the players to use the winnings to recover the losses they’ve made after a bad turn.

The Martingale Strategy

Martingale’s strategy is one of the easiest to automate, as it’s the simplest one. This approach to games of luck can also be effective when it comes to roulette or dice games. Players can automate this strategy so that the bet is doubled every time they lose and it returns to the original sum for every multiplier level they win.

The main disadvantage of this approach is that it requires the player to double the bet every time they lose and no player has a deep enough bankroll to keep doubling it.

Reverse Martingale Strategy

Reverse Martingale strategy is in a way the opposite of the original version. It’s often used with automated betting systems in Bitcoin crash gambling sites. The players set automated bets so that they double every time they win and return to the initial bet every time they lose.

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The same downside also applies as players have a limited budget and can’t continue doubling their bets indefinitely.


The D’Alembert strategy isn’t as popular as the others we mentioned, but it can also be automated on a Bitcoin crash gambling site and it fixes some of the issues that the Martingale strategies are facing. The principle is the same –players increase the bet when they win and return to the initial bet when they lose.

The difference is that with the D’Alembert strategy the bets are increased based on the set amount the players choose, rather than doubled. This prevents the gamblers from burning through their budget too quickly, which often happens with both varieties of Martingale strategy.


Crash gambling games have been around for a long time. They are well-liked by the players due to how simple they are and how easy it can be to win big if you’re lucky enough. Crash gambling is based on chance alone and since it’s run by a random number generator, players get definitive odds of winning.

Bitcoin crash gambling works the same as with fiat currency but uses the benefits of cryptocurrencies to make betting faster, safer, and anonymous. Players often automate their Bitcoin crash gambling since they don’t need to carefully follow each bet to execute a proper strategy. The strategies used rely on recovering the losses with one big win.

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