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As the casino industry progresses and changes, new trends appear and the companies invest in different types of casinos. Currently, social casinos are at their peak, so it’s not surprising that SOFTSWISS, an industry giant, decided to invest in Ously Games GmbH.

Social casinos – the future of iGaming:

Ously Games GmbH, a renowned German company, owns one of the fastest-growing social casinos in the whole of Europe,, and SOFTSWISS decided to acquire part of the company.

Thanks to the recently established deal, SOFTSWISS will be a part of the process of developing new software solutions that will further improve the player’s experience in social casinos.

Social casinos are the last trend in the field of iGaming. They represent a great mix of casino gaming and social features that allow networking and meeting people with similar interests. The main difference between social casinos and ordinary online casinos is that social ones operate without using real money, so the players place their bets using virtual currency

Also, unlike ordinary casinos, the revenue comes mostly from the sales of virtual goods, so it’s completely risk-free for the players who want to try their luck.

The operators who want to offer social casino services don’t need the license, and they also don’t have any advertising restrictions, which is why operators love them and one of the main reasons for such rapid growth. 

Ously operates the largest social casino in the whole of Europe, It was launched at the beginning of 2023, and since then its player base has grown to more than 700,000 players. Its partner network has almost 40 providers with more than 3,000 games, and the company recorded a turnover of one million euros annually.

Ivan Montik, Founder of SOFTSWISS, comments on the agreement: “Anticipating the development of social casinos within the iGaming industry, SOFTSWISS made strategic investments to diversify its portfolio. Together, we aim to create a comprehensive platform for social casinos, enriching the robust ecosystem of iGaming products provided by our company.”

Ously Games GmbH founder Jochen Martinez also commented: “We are delighted to forge a strategic partnership with the global technology provider SOFTSWISS. This alliance brings invaluable insights, innovations, and profound expertise to both parties. The deal demonstrates our commitment to driving growth and mutual development. Collaborating with SOFTSWISS opens new horizons and ensures access to top-notch resources and support essential for thriving in the competitive iGaming landscape.”

What’s the future of social casinos? It remains to be seen. However, it seems they’re here to stay, and that they’ll shape the future of online gaming. 

The players are easily drawn by the various perks they have to offer, including risk-free betting, connecting with friends and family, sending gifts, and participating in various tournaments. 

Successful partnership:

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SOFTSWISS successfully enhances its partners’ network, but the company maintains the old deals and partners. Among them is BitStarz, and the two companies just celebrated 10 years of partnership. Their relationship has proven fruitful, resulting in various successful products, such as Jackpotz Mania, its most recent engagement feature.

On top of that, BitStarz started developing its own captivating titles through the company’s Game Aggregator and uses its Anti-fraud Team, as well as Affilka, the leading affiliate management program developed by SOFTSWISS.

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