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Nordic gaming company Paf will deliver the gaming entertainment onboard the Birka Gotland, a cruise ship belonging to the newly founded shipping company Gotland Alandia Cruises.

The shipping companies Viking Line and Gotlandsbolaget have embarked on a joint investment in cruise traffic between Stockholm, Mariehamn and Visby.

Together they have founded a new shipping company, Gotland Alandia Cruises, which owns the cruise ship Birka Gotland. Paf will deliver the gaming entertainment to the shipping company.
“We are really looking forward to starting our cooperation straight away,” said Jannik Svahnström, head of new sales at Paf. “We want to contribute with a good concept for the games onboard.

“It will be an exciting challenge to get all the new gaming machines and table games in place in the coming months.” 

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