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Peter Weinreich, co-CEO of Omnigame, spoke to European Gaming about the studio’s exceptional foundation and success story in Denmark, and how it expects to go global with a focus on premium games that prioritise gameplay over constant supply.


Founded in 2015, Omnigame has only targeted the Danish market until now, what has the journey been like so far?

I think it is fair to say that we have had a very different journey than what is traditional in the industry. For starters, we are both an operator and a supplier, powering our own casino brand in Denmark that only offers Omnigame products – which is remarkably brave looking back on it when we started with just one title!

Since then, we have experienced steady growth, with our portfolio now boasting 26 games, and a market share in Denmark that we are incredibly proud of, especially with no third-party content on our site.

All of our infrastructure has been developed in-house, from our platform to our games to our front-end, and it is something that has been incredibly rewarding and has allowed us to build a solid and proven product that we are now ready to share with the rest of the world.

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Why have you now taken the decision to go global?

Simply because our games deserve it. All game studios will say they have amazing games, but we are extremely confident in ours and have the pedigree, data, and commercial success to support it. Our first games were very localised, however we understand player trends, and now create titles that are more ‘global’, with an eye on pushing outwards when ready, and that time is now.

We haven’t partnered with other operators in Denmark as we would then be competing against ourselves, but our fanbase is extremely loyal and we really want to cultivate the same relationship in other territories.

Having the experience of growing our own brand with in-house content in Denmark, and recognising that finely crafted games can create real momentum in the market has been a fantastic process for us, and if we replicate even a small amount of our success outside of our home market, it is a huge commercial opportunity.


What markets will be your initial focus?

This is a central part of the conversations we are having with potential partners at the moment. While our games are developed with international expansion in mind, we are aware that demography matters, and will therefore initially look to target markets with similar player profiles – such as Northern Europe. This is not to say that we are not focused elsewhere as we have a keen eye across regulated regions in Southern Europe, North America and Latin America. We do not want to limit ourselves, but there is a practical way for us to expand.

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What about your games do you think will appeal to global players? 

At its heart, we believe both the entertainment level and craftsmanship set our titles apart. Our games are for the recreational players who rate entertainment above the chance of high volatility and super quick wins. We truly believe that our portfolio is filled with beautiful games. We craft everything internally and spend more resources on them than the average game studio and you can see, hear and feel that as soon as you open any of them. We also have some unique mechanics, including Wheels of Reels which offers distinctive gameplay and has been hugely popular among our player base.

From our experiences in Denmark, we have found that our customers are incredibly loyal, and in addition we have a strong hold on female players, notably those of the 40+ demographic. We feel this really sets us apart from some studios, with the premium nature of our games providing a more enticing experience.

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We are hopeful, and confident, that this blend of graphics, environment, and mechanics will resonate as well abroad as it has at home.


What can we expect from Omnigame in 2024?

2024 is very much the year we plan to venture out of our comfort zone, and we hope this will be punctuated by significant commercial growth. We will still be developing games, and honing our products in-house, but our expansion is what we are focused on.

If we are just a quarter as successful in the new countries we enter as we are in Denmark, then the global casino audience is in for a treat.

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