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Nik Airball

High Stakes Poker Season 12, which airs on PokerGO, continued Monday night with the penultimate episode of the season.

It was a continuation of last week’s $1,000/$2,000 game featuring Santhosh Suvarna and Andrew Robl, who two weeks earlier squared off in a $992,000 pot, the largest in High Stakes Poker history.

The two poker players were joined at the table by the same cast of characters including Charles Yu, Stanley Tang, Nik Airball, and Brandon Adams.

“Oh My God, You Notched Me”

Brandon Adams
Brandon Adams

With a $4,000 straddle on, Adams looked down at the 88 on the button and raised to $12,000, which Robl bumped to $50,000 with the 99 in the small blind. Action folded back to Adams and he called to see a flop of K27.

With $108,000 in the pot, Robl bet $25,000 and Adams called, which brought about the 4 on the turn. Robl slowed down with a check but called when Adams bet $45,000. The 3 river saw action go check-check and Robl tabled his hand to win the $248,000 pot.

“Oh my god, you notched me,” Adams said upon seeing Robl’s slightly higher pocket pair.

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Suvarna is Hard to Shake

Nik Airball raised to $5,000 with the 77 and Tang three-bet to $30,000 holding the KK from the small blind. Suvarna came along from the big with the AJ, Airball called, and it was three-way action to a flop of 1093.

Tang continued for $45,000, Suvarna called, and Airball got out of the way. When the Q appeared on the turn, Tang bet $130,000 and Suvarna called with his open-ended straight draw. The A river didn’t give Suvarna the straight but the ace was just as good.

Tang bet $75,000 and Suvarna called to win the $592,000 pot!

Adams Sets Up Airball

Adams raised to $5,000 with the 1010 and Airball called from the big blind with the AQ. The 10A6 flop saw Airball check top pair and Adams bet $8,000 with his set. Airball called and then checked the 4 turn.

Adams bet $22,000 and Airball, who was drawing dead, called to see the 6 pair the board on the river. Airball checked and then called when Adams bet $65,000 with his full house. Just like that, Adams pulled in a $203,000 pot.

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Straight Flush for Tang

Stanley Tang
Stanley Tang

Tang raised to $5,000 with the 109 and Adams defended the big blind with the J10. The 86J flop hit both players and Adams check-called a bet of $10,000 with top pair. Hoever, Tang was the favorite with his draws.

The 7 turn completed the best draw giving Tang a straight flush, and he coyly checked back after Adams had checked. The J river gave Adams trip jacks and he bet $23,000. Tang had the nuts and raised to $125,000, but Adams didn’t take the bait and folded his hand. With that, Tang claimed the $181,000 pot.

Last Hand of the Night

In what would be the final hand of the episode, Tang raised to $5,000 with the A4 and Suvarna called with the 65. Yu came along from the button with the 108, the blinds folded, and it was three-way action to a flop of 74J.

Two checks saw Yu bet $7,000 and both his opponents called. The A turn saw Tang bet $25,000 with two pair, Suvarna folded his open-ended straight draw, and Yu called with his heart flush.

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When the 7 completed the board on the river, Tang fired another $25,000 and Yu raised to $75,000. Tang gave it up and Yu was pushed the $191,000 pot.

Charles Yu
Charles Yu

The Largest Pot in High Stakes Poker History

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You can catch the full episode on PokerGO and future episodes, which air each Monday at 5 p.m. PT.

To watch new episodes of High Stakes Poker, visit PokerGO.

*Images courtesy of PokerGO/Antonio Abrego

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