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A new compliance campaign has been launched by Liquor and Gaming NSW, to target under 18s which are illegally drinking and gambling in NSW casinos in the run-up to the festive season.

Jane Lin, Liquor and Gaming NSW executive director regulatory operations said that inspectors and casino security would be on the lookout for minors doing the wrong thing. Under 18s caught in a casino will now face bans of 12 months or more and fines of $2,200

“If a minor is caught within a casino, we may exclude them from re-entering for a period from their 18th birthday, which means they won’t be able to visit until they’re at least 19, and they may be issued with a fine. Minors will also not be allowed to keep any winnings from gambling and will leave empty-handed,” said Ms Lin.

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“We have also reminded the casino operators of their obligations to prevent minors from entering casinos including by ensuring that casino staff are checking IDs where necessary.”

In NSW, if you are aged under 18, it is illegal to enter a casino or use false evidence of age, including fake IDs. It is also illegal for minors to buy, attempt to buy, or consume alcohol in a casino. Breaking these laws can result in the minor being fined up to $2,200 per offence.

If an excluded person enters or remains in a casino, they face penalties including fines of up to $5,500, imprisonment of up to 12 months, or both.

The compliance operation will continue into early 2024.

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