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Join us on an extraordinary journey as we delve deeper into the remarkable partnership between Play’n GO and MADLORD® – SOUND FROM BEYOND®. In this exclusive interview, we have the privilege of hearing from two visionary leaders in the realm of gambling audio: Jorge De Lellis, commander and founder of MADLORD, and Walter Scharold, Head of Audio and the mastermind behind Play’n GO’s Audio Department.


Hello Walter, congratulations on the new partnership. Could you briefly explain your role at Play’n GO?

Thank you. As Head of Audio, I manage and mentor the audio team; liaise with external content and Music-based IP partners, provide high-level direction for aesthetics and audio design for music, sound FX, and voiceover in all games and promotional content; drive R&D efforts in tools, content, and innovation; and steer creative and business strategy with other Games Department leaders.


What does MADLORD bring to Play’n GO as an innovative leader in online slots? Why MADLORD?

MADLORD brings an outside-the-box approach to slots audio design, a welcome breath of fresh energy and innovation that fills a wide-open gap in an industry saturated with repetitive and redundant themes, UX design, and most relevant to our role: audiovisual content. An entertainment product that is governed by random chance presents unique challenges in this regard and MADLORD understands deeply how sound – especially music is uniquely suited to overcome them. This combined with MADLORD’s agile versatility in music composition across all genres plus sound design mastery, make them a prized asset in executing Play’n GO’s ambitious vision to be the world’s best provider of iGaming content, laser-focused on high entertainment value and responsible gaming.


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How has been your experience with MADLORD collaboration producing sounds for Play’n GO’s video slots?

Fantastic. MADLORD brings an equally huge amount of passion and professionalism to every project, regardless of scope. MADLORD’s extended skillset of implementation, narrative design, and advanced non-linear music design techniques have played a large role in helping Play’n GO deliver groundbreaking products, rivaling the sophistication of console and mobile video game titles, all within extremely tight deadlines.


What are your plans for the future of Play’n GO’s Audio Department and audio productions?

The Audio department is committed to continue to pioneer in the iGaming space, pushing the scope of audio content to never-before-heard extremes in terms of sophistication of design as well as sheer amount of content heard in a single game, especially in the category of our music soundtracks. We are also keen to leverage our industry-leading reputation for Music IP titles, working closely with a wide variety of hit-making artists to deliver their fans deeply immersive experiences that organically and authentically extend those artists’ sound and vision in ways that only the iGaming space can provide. It’s never been a better time to be working in this unique area of entertainment.


How does MADLORD fit in those plans?

They fit perfectly. As mentioned above, MADLORD’s unique skillset and experience will play an essential role in executing our vision.


Hello Jorge, congratulations on the new partnership. Tell us about your company’s history and the MADLORD brand concept.

The MADLORD® brand concept is inspired by madness and its profound role in shaping the human sphere. Every invention, concept or artistic creation that has formed our world was touched by a perceived madness. Yet, this ‘madness’ is the space from which ideas emerge. Ideas, that when first revealed, are rejected. Ridiculed. So much so, they are often discarded as insanity. Yet, somehow, their mark of genius changes the world, thanks to bold leaders that take on ridicule to achieve greatness. However, madness must be approached with a degree of caution. With focus. It must be controlled. Or it will control you. It’s from that idea, the concept of MADLORD was born.


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How has your collaboration with Play’n GO been?

The experience has been sensational! The passion of the Audio Department is exceptionally high. What Walter Scharold is achieving through his leadership is commendable. His vision is extremely ambitious, and I fully support him. It is a pleasure to know and work with Walter and his team of exceptional and devoted Audio Producers.


What are some of your favorite MADLORD productions for Play’n GO so far?

‘Golden Osiris’: Play’n GO commissioned MADLORD to create the most exquisite Egyptian-themed video slot soundtrack in gambling history, surpassing all competitors. ‘Puebla Parade’: As someone born in Peru with a deep affection for Mexico, this game holds a special place in my heart. We composed an original song in Spanish, hired singers and vihuela performers to create the most authentic and captivating Mexican- themed video slot soundtrack in the industry. ‘Legion Gold’, in addition to the Roman symphonic battlefield soundtrack, we hired a real drummer to pound a colossal drum- kit and create a visceral gaming experience you must try for yourself. ‘Gerard’s Gambit’, for this ambitious project we created the largest custom-made audio production in Play’n GO’s history, with over 18 minutes of original music and sound effects. Other games include ‘Wild Class’ (80s synth-pop), ‘Wild Trigger’ (Spaghetti Western), ‘Rise of Gods’ (Greek gods with an edge), ‘Shamrock Miner’ (Leprechauns) ‘Highway Legends’ (highway robbers) among others.


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What notable achievements and innovations has MADLORD accomplished?

Pioneered true-stereo soundtracks in slots (2008) – a precursor to binaural sound. Introduced programmable play-lists of multi-layered background-soundtracks in bingo games (2009), and pioneered win sounds synced to music harmony (2014). Set a world record (2012) for creating the biggest custom-made audio production for a video slot in history (30min). Received the endorsement of legendary Hollywood Composer Christopher Young (2018). ASMR voice-overs, binaural experiences, ambisonics productions, and more.


What are your plans for the future of MADLORD?

I plan to turn MADLORD into one of the most emblematic audio-production brands in the world, elevating gambling audio to the stratosphere of entertainment. And inspire millions of people to nurture that which makes them individually unique. To be bold. To turn their mad ideas and concepts into reality. And to create, with utmost artistry and untainted imagination. Unafraid of ridicule. Commanding the madness of creation. Sounds too ambitious? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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