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Merkur UK has begun the second phase of its environmental programme, giving support to a small-scale onshore wind farm in Sri Lanka.

The farm is helping the avoidance of 2,000 tonnes of CO2e which is the equivalent of 1,535 long haul flights, saving 6,000sqm of sea ice or 4,962,000 car miles (7,985,564 km).

Working in partnership with climate action platform Ecologi, the first phase of Merkur’s environmental programme saw them fund the planting of 25,000 trees.

“The tree planting programme we have funded will see 25,000 trees established across 5,700 hectares in Southern Kenya,” said Tony Boulton, Merkur UK’s director of public and political relations. “When you know that the seven-year target is over 14m, it becomes clear that projects such as this require lots of companies and organisations to do whatever they can. Similar arguments apply to renewable energy. The project we are supporting in Sri Lanka will prevent just short of 19,000 tonnes of CO2e through wind power.

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“The value of being a good corporate citizen is an important part of the culture which runs through MERKUR and I’m delighted that we’ve been able to add to our initial support and to contribute to such a fantastic programme of work.”

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