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The Rank Group has revealed an 11 per cent boost in group net gaming revenue to £179.6m for the quarter ended September 30.

Grosvenor venues enjoyed the biggest growth across the group’s divisions, with NGR rising by 13 per cent to £84.2m.

Rank’s UK-based Mecca Bingo venues also contributed to an improvement in land-based revenue, with NGR rising 11 per cent to £34.7m.

The revenue for Rank’s Enracha venues in Spain grew by nine per cent to £8.9m and there was a rise in digital NGR of seven per cent to £51.8m.

John O’Reilly, chief executive of the Rank Group, said the group has made “good progress in driving revenue and profit growth across the group.”

Visits, spend boost Grosvenor, Mecca

Grosvenor venues’ NGR growth was driven by a nine per cent increase in visits and a four per cent increase in spend per visit. London NGR grew by eight per cent, but the venues away from the capital enjoyed stronger growth of 16 per cent.

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Mecca Bingo venues also benefitted from an increase in visits and spend per visit.

Riley added that the Rank Group remains focused on delivering the “critical modernising reforms” for its UK venues laid out in the government’s white paper on gambling reform.

“These reforms, which are planned to be implemented by next summer, will help Grosvenor and Mecca to better meet the needs of our existing and prospective customers,” he said.

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