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Yevhen, as the Head of Global Sales at GR8 Tech, can you shed light on the unique business opportunities that iGaming operators can leverage when partnering with your company?

Absolutely. At GR8 Tech, we’re not just another tech provider. Our mission revolves around forging a lifetime partnership. We emphasize personalization, customer-centric approach, and commitment to continuous evolution. When operators partner with us, they gain access to the high-performance iGaming platform that enables improvement of their sports margins, unparalleled betting uptime, cool features for VIP players, casino architectures optimized for super high loads, and more. Our platform has all the resources needed to make an iGaming operator not just just a random player, but a market leader.


With many options available in the market, what sets GR8 Tech apart as a valuable partner for iGaming operators?

We love addressing challenging tasks with our clients. This client solution culture is imprinted deeply in everything we do. In sportsbook, for instance, it goes from building a regionally specific product portfolio, such as iFrame for Asian markets or lightweight front-ends for Africa, to offering unique margin management capabilities, which bring significant degree of freedom and confidence for operators. In the casino domain, we have tackled legacy issues head-on with high-endurance architecture and an easy-to-adjust front-end.

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To put it simply, we see challenges not as barriers but as opportunities. Sounds simple, but this mindset is not as widespread as it seems, while the prospects it opens up are truly great.


In your experience, what are the key factors iGaming operators should consider when seeking and selecting a tech partner?

First and foremost, it’s about shared vision. A tech partner should not only provide solutions but also challenge and expand an operator’s horizons. Scalability, flexibility, and a commitment to innovation are paramount. Many platforms cannot scale up enough to adjust to the business’ growing needs simply due to technical limitations. In stark contrast, GR8 Tech’s high-performance platform is capable of almost infinite growth, providing a stable and reliable basis for an operator at all stages of its lifecycle.

Additionally, look for proven results. Our case studies clearly illustrate significant growth achieved in collaboration with our partners. Lastly, the partnership should go beyond transactional interactions. At GR8 Tech, we always think of lifetime partnership, nurturing a continuous relationship with our partners to drive collective growth.

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Can you provide some insights or case studies on how GR8 Tech has successfully assisted iGaming operators in enhancing their business operations and profitability?

Certainly. Our solutions have brought about a consistent 10-15% growth in GGR for numerous sports betting ventures. Our approach to betting latency, for instance, has led to a significant reduction in rejected bets, resulting in a 5-10% increase in sports turnover. Our casino solutions, designed to combat traditional tech constraints, have delivered up to a 45% increase in NGR for several partners. The introduction of our robust bonus engine alone has amplified retention rates by 75-80%, month-to-month, with a corresponding ROI growth of about 20%. These are more than just numbers; they testify to our commitment and capability.


Lastly, what guidance would you offer to iGaming operators looking to invest in technology solutions and partnerships to stay ahead in this competitive market?

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Be visionary. The iGaming industry constantly evolves, and resting on laurels isn’t an option. When seeking a partner, search for those who are proactive, those who anticipate the needs of tomorrow while addressing today’s challenges. Remember, it’s not just about the laps but the critical milliseconds that differentiate the leaders from the pack. Just like in Formula 1, the winner is distinguished by fine-tuned details and teamwork. So, as you chart your journey in the iGaming landscape, choose a partner like GR8 Tech, who doesn’t just keep up with the industry but sets the pace. Visit our stand #3094 at SiGMA Europe to discuss it in more detail!

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