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Ever since the e-gambling industry started to grow and feature such a wide variety of games, players have been looking for the best online casino games. As time passed, the games kept evolving, and numerous varieties started to spread. But is there even such a thing as the best game? Perhaps the answer is finding the game that best suits your personality.  

Let’s look at five types of games that you can choose from according to your preferences and mood. 

Type 1: Risk-Taker

When people think about online casino games for real money, they probably think about risk-takers. This type of person definitely enjoys games with higher stakes, like progressive slots, keno, and craps. This means you’re more likely to receive big payouts.

Chances are if you’re keen on taking risks, you do it in other aspects of your life. Make sure other things bring you excitement, just like gambling does. Otherwise, you’ll be making moves that are too risky. But other than that, you’re the perfect type to enjoy classic casino games and their newer varieties.

Type 2: Competitive

These gamblers enjoy the challenge of playing against others. Various tournaments or a good old game of poker should be the most suitable for them. Browse other categories in your online casino to see where you can compete and win against other players rather than just a machine.

But there is the other side of being competitive. For example, if you’re not a winner, you count it as a loss (even if you came second). Don’t let this feeling cloud your judgment. Above all else, enjoy the experience of playing with other people. 

Type 3: Flashy

Would others describe you as a well-dressed, sleek gambler who flaunts their money? Then you will enjoy playing baccarat, blackjack, and craps. You will probably find a good fit in more classic game varieties that allow you to make a show out of the game. Play with confidence, and don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. For example, experiment with game titles that haven’t seen before.

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Type 4: Innovative

Do you frequently find yourself having the itch to try new casino games? Luckily for you, developers are constantly adding new titles to their already vast game selections. It should be pretty easy for you to find something intriguing. Once you enter the platform, you can play casino games that are marked as new. 

Additionally, you will always find a good pick in the slots section. Online slot machines come in all shapes and sizes, and there is an endless list that you can go down one by one. After you have a big win, you can switch to another one and never get bored.

Type 5: Lone Wolf 

A player who falls under this category enjoys some alone time. You can play at your own pace with no one rushing you or messing with your flow. On top of this, you probably enjoy playing with a strategy or even developing your own ones. This puts you in a favoured position to increase your odds of winning. 

Our recommendation is video poker, but there are many other gambling games that will hit the right spot. Look for games where you can strategize and put your analytical skills to good use. 


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Other Criteria for Choosing Casino Games

If you still aren’t sure where to begin, consider asking yourself the following questions:

  • What is your bankroll? If a game requires you to deposit more money than you can afford, it’s better to leave it. 
  • Which games have the best player odds? It’s an important consideration, so always check the house edge before playing.
  • Which games do you know? As a beginner, before you feel comfortable branching out, start with classics.


Of course, these recommendations are just ideas of what games you can play. You might not fit into only one category, but that’s even better. You can enjoy more games and win more real money! Don’t shy away from games you don’t know, and you might find your new favorites.

Whether you want to hit online slot games to relax after a hard day’s work or you’re looking to make a profit, Bob Casino can provide you with fantastic choices. Pick your favorite type of game using our guide and have a fun gambling experience!

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How to Choose an Online Casino Game Based on Personality

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