First SOFTSWISS Prime Network Jackpot of Nearly €245K Was Won On February 7

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After a long waiting period, the 1st Prime Network Jackpot, officially introduced by the SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator during October of the previous year, was ultimately won on February 7th. The lucky winner took home a reward of €244,742.34.

Prime Network Jackpot campaign:

The casino operators that are part of the Prime Network Jackpot campaign have jointly set up shared prize pools driven by the players, which means that the prize money is paid from these aforementioned shared prize pools and not from the respective operators. As a result, operators may stimulate player loyalty and engagement by displaying additional number of potentially alluring awards. But that’s not all; because simultaneously the mentioned operators may rationalize their expenses more efficiently.

Throughout the aforementioned campaign, which lasted from October 2023 to February 2024, players had the opportunity to officially join the online jackpot with a favorable minimum wager of only €1, with no extra fees. In addition, roughly 1 billion in wagers have been placed in the tempting Prime Network Jackpot pool.

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Commenting on the win, Head of SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator at SOFTSWISS, Aliaksei Douhin, said: “We’re thrilled that the long-awaited win happened during the ICE industry event, an ideal time for the community to connect and share insights. This win provides an additional reason for celebration with our partners. Following our initial online progressive network jackpot campaign with a starting 100,000 euro prize pool, we’re immediately launching a new one starting at 300,000 euro. This campaign offers substantial rewards for players and facilitates jackpot payouts from the collective prize pool. It serves as an effective marketing strategy to engage and attract users, a pertinent topic for discussion at ICE and particularly at our stand.”

Throughout the Prime Network Jackpot campaign, the aforementioned participants revealed a significant increase in key performance indicators (KPIs) compared to time frames when just non-network, regular jackpots were used. Namely, turnover grew by 7.76%, total bets by 2.43% and the amounts of deposit by 3.87%. These numbers show the positive effect of the aforementioned Prime Jackpot on casinos.

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Furthermore, to engage their players and increase their business metrics, casinos use the Prime Network Jackpot as a strategic tool.

First draw of the Prime Network Jackpot:

In the very 1st draw of the aforementioned Prime Network Jackpot, which took place at Fastpay Casino, a fortunate player won €244,742.34 in the game produced by BGaming. On a related note, prizes from normal non-network progressive jackpots usually do not surpass €30K to €50K.

In this regard, a representative of Fastpay Casino said according to the official press release: “Hosting the inaugural draw of SOFTSWISS’ Prime Network Jackpot campaign has been an honor and a stroke of fortune for us. Among the many participating casinos, ours was privileged to be the first to celebrate a winner in this exciting campaign. It’s particularly symbolic that the win occurred in a game developed exclusively for us by BGaming – Fastpay Bonanza. This event underscores the advantages of collaborative network jackpots and affirms our commitment to providing exceptional gaming experiences. We look forward to hosting more such exciting events, continuing to create winners among our players and our casino community.”

Also, CEO of BGaming, Marina Ostrovtsova, added: “It’s gratifying to see players embracing fresh industry initiatives like the SOFTSWISS Prime Network Jackpot campaign with such enthusiasm. We’re glad to mark the first winner in the BGaming’s game, tailored specifically for Fastpay Casino. We’re thankful to the partners involved. As BGaming continues to create customized games and engaging online casino titles, we eagerly anticipate more of SOFTSWISS’ campaigns.”

After the remarkable success of the aforementioned initial draw, the SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator has decided to launch the next Prime Network Jackpot campaign.

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