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Three in five adults support the introduction of financial risk checks in the gambling industry, new research claims.

GambleAware research added that those impacted by someone else’s gambling are also likely to believe such checks would have a positive impact.

The CEO of the charity, which supports the introduction of financial risk checks, has urged the UK government to ensure there are “no missed opportunities when it comes to the instruction of robust preventative measures.”

Zoë Osmond added: “It’s imperative that proactive measures are taken to address the root causes of gambling harm, including comprehensive education programmes and awareness-raising campaigns, stronger regulations to protect vulnerable populations and sufficient funding for treatment and support services.

“By prioritising preventative action and ensuring the industry take some responsibility for protecting individuals against unaffordable losses, we can mitigate the detrimental impact of problem gambling on individuals and society as a whole.”

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Financial risk checks, a key part of the UK’s white paper on gambling reform, have sparked arguably the most intense debate among all the areas of consultation so far.

Indeed, the UK parliament is set to hold a debate on their introduction on Monday, after a petition against the checks reached 100,000 signatures.

The Gambling Commission has continually stressed that the checks – both light-touch and more invasive for the biggest spenders – will only affect a very small portion of gamblers.

However, the UK regulator’s stance has been met with stern opposition from the land-based sector, especially horseracing stakeholders.

The GambleAware study found that 57 per cent of adults support financial risk checks in principle, with 76 per cent believing they will shift more responsibility onto gambling companies rather than solely those who gamble.

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Two-thirds (63 per cent) stated they also believe the measure will help reduce the number of people facing financial harm as a result of gambling,” GambleAware added.

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