Colombia’s Tolima Lottery increases health sector support

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The Tolima Lottery in Colombia generated more than COP6.4bn (£1.3m) for the country’s health system in 2023.

Regulator Coljuegos said the COP6.44bn transferred to the health sector translated to a two per cent increase on 2022.

Total sales for the lottery amounted to COP24.8bn (£4.9m), up 23 per cent on 2022.

“During the previous period, we were able to see how lottery game operators in the country considerably increased their sales,” said Coljuegos president Marco Emilio Hincapié.

“This is significant if we take into account that the more lottery tickets that are acquired by players, the greater the amount of resources that can be transferred to the health sector.”

“We want to highlight the contribution that the Tolima Lottery has made to the health of the department,” Hincapié added.

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“Likewise, we invite all players to buy only from authorised distributors and their trusted lotteries.”

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