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Technological developments always save the day, be it in convenience stores, ecommerce, or education. These effects trickle down to online casinos, which heavily rely on technology to satisfy their audience’s needs. Any online casino works hard to remain relevant in this competitive industry by investing in the latest trends. We look at how this integration has affected playing experiences and casino revenues:

The New Casino Trends

In any industry, businesses have two options. They can either sit back and watch trends pass them by or jump in and reap the benefits. Online casinos choose the latter by incorporating the following changes:

1.    Mobile Apps

Accessing casinos by mobile phones was but a dream a few decades ago. However, with increased smartphone access, online casino operators saw the need to provide mobile-friendly pages. Soon enough, people could gamble on their phones and no longer needed to use desktops.

Another welcome change has now occurred, allowing players to gamble using mobile apps. These apps are optimised for different operating systems, allowing users to download compatible versions. Since they match the phone’s specs, playing experiences are better and more gratifying than standard mobile browsers. Moreover, these apps offer higher security levels, with some offering unique bonuses to app users.

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2.    Cryptocurrency Payments

A significant concern among players is how they will load and withdraw money from their accounts. In the past, online casinos offered card payments and wire transfers. However, these had many limitations, which saw the introduction of e-wallets. While these filled the gap, there was still a need for faster and more secure payment methods, which necessitated using cryptocurrencies.

These payments have three major perks:

  • Speed: The transactions are instantaneous. This immediacy makes them great for players who often make withdrawals and deposits.
  • Anonymity: Many players would rather keep their financial details private, which they can achieve through these decentralised payments.
  • Cost: Transaction charges inconvenience many players, especially those who often transfer money. Cryptocurrency transfers incur minimal to no charges.

Additionally, these currencies often experience value increments, which allow players to reap out of these investments.

3.    Live Games

What is the one thing that most players like about land-based casinos? The atmosphere! People love being around other players, talking to the people around them, hearing the lively music in the background, and enjoying the architectural designs. And while online games may meet some of these needs, they lack the socialisation factor.

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Live games solve this by allowing players to join a game where they can talk to and see other players. For example, poker players can enjoy a traditional game without leaving their homes. They still get to enjoy the convenience of playing on the go with the added benefit of watching other players.

4.    Augmented Reality

The environment is one of the biggest building blocks of any casino game. Land-based casino operators often invest a lot in their designs to ensure they can captivate players through their senses. The rooms smell great, the designs entice the eyes, and the food is tantalising – everything is ideal for a game. But how can online casinos do this?

They use augmented reality, which makes the playing experience feel more real. Most operators hire graphic designers and game developers who can make the user interface feel more alive. They spend hours crafting the best designs and picking the right sounds for each move. This way, when a player joins a site, the combination of the visuals and the sounds captivates them and pushes them to keep playing because they lose themselves in the virtual realm.

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Virtual reality (VR) is the icing on the cake of all these technologies. This technology will enable players to enter virtual casinos where they can interact with the environment and will thus be a step above live games and augmented reality. Moreover, it will address the need for more socialisation by allowing players to interact safely without leaving their homes. Many operators have already debuted some VR games, and others are set to follow suit in the coming years.

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