Bundesliga’s Return Boosts German Sports Betting Market in May

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RelayX, the company behind RelayX superwallet, has acquired the video streaming platform Streamanity.com.

RelayX, founded in April 2019, is a Bitcoin SV (BSV) powered superwallet that enables users to use the BSV blockchain with a non-custodial wallet that is connected to leading apps in the BSV ecosystem.

Streamanity is an application based on the BSV blockchain using micro-payments to allow content providers to profit from their own content.

“We thank our investors and the BSV community for being supportive from the initial phase. Although, the concept worked well within the BSV community, we faced difficulty in gaining more users because of our inexperience in marketing. We, the co-founders also decided to part ways to pursue other endeavors. After meeting Jack at Cambrian, we decided he had the best vision on taking Streamanity forward. We wish him the best of luck and hope Streamanity continues on to become a huge success,” Sumanth Neppalli and Shravan Shandilya, makers of Streamanity.com, said.

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“Streamanity is a pioneering video platform that is a significant brand within the BSV ecosystem and when the opportunity came to become stewards of the platform, we jumped on it. We thank the co-founders Sumanth and Shravan for their vision, dedication, and entrusting us with its future. We hope to make meaningful improvements to Streamanity for the betterment of its amazing class of content creators and viewers both current and future,” Jack C. Liu, Founder of RelayX.io, said.

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