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Department of Trust, the award-winning provider of financial risk assessments for safer gambling, has partnered with ComplianceOne Group to offer operators an integrated advice, tools and data solution to help them implement new financial risk checks on players.

Regulations due to be published imminently in the UK are widely expected to require online gambling providers to carry out frictionless, enhanced financial risk checks on an estimated 20% of accounts each month. This equates to potentially millions of individual assessments including more thorough examinations on those considered to be at greatest risk of harm.

Gambling operators will be judged not only on the checks they conduct but also on the actions and policies they have in place to respond correctly to the outcomes of this completely new kind of risk assessment.

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As recognised experts in the field, the combined offering from ComplianceOne and DoTrust will provide operators not just with the tools and data from DoTrust to conduct assessments, but also the know-how and capability to design and implement effective policies and reporting.

Operators will be able to engage the firms early in the planning process to ensure they are fully prepared for when the assessments are mandated, likely later in 2024.

Charles Cohen, CEO of Department of Trust, said: “ComplianceOne has a strong pedigree in supporting online operators with complex regulatory challenges, particularly those involving technology.

“We recognise that for operators to complete financial risk checks satisfactorily, they will require more than technology: new knowledge, processes and expert advice will be essential to success. Through this partnership, they can access both.”

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Antonio Zanghi, CEO of ComplianceOne, said: “Many operators are concerned not just about how they are going to implement this new class of player risk assessment, but how to integrate it into their wider risk management and safer gambling strategies.

“This is no easy task, and there will be deadlines to be met. We can leverage our decade-long experience helping operators of all scales navigate changing regulatory landscapes to rise to this challenge, and then to stay compliant, supported by the best tools in the industry from DoTrust.”

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