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Andrejs Proskurins, Head of User Acquisition at R2D Partners, spoke to us, about what we can expect from the growing R2D Partners affiliate program that LEON Bet launched in November 2023.


Tell us more about R2D Partners and the company’s key vision and mission?

R2D Partners is an innovative multi-brand affiliate program for betting and casino enthusiasts. We currently proudly promote two brands – LEON, who just celebrated its 15-year anniversary, and Twin, founded in 2017. Although the R2D brand is new, through these renowned brands, we have created a legacy that has captivated and earned the unwavering loyalty of thousands of players and partners alike. We are now a trusted brand in the affiliate space with a track-record of over 10,000 successful partnerships.

Since launch, we have continued to learn, evolve, and improve processes and our goal is to add more brands to our stable and to further grow the list of partners, establishing ourselves as a leading and respectable affiliate program in the betting and gaming space.


What are the main benefits of working with R2D Partners?

There are plenty of benefits! Among other things, we work with well-established and highly recognised brand in the industry with more to come. We offer deals on CPA and RevShare models with individual rates and high conversation and retention levels. We accept SEO, PPC, UAC, FB, and other traffic from over 15 countries and provide detailed and transparent statistics.

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For us, it’s important to build strong relationships with affiliates, and we adhere to a set of core values that we use as our part of  our strategy to secure this. We ensure timely payments and honour the agreed-upon terms without any adjustments. A key goal of ours is to treat each affiliate as an individual, recognising their unique needs and contributions, while keeping ourselves flexible and capable of adapting to their needs.


What markets are you currently focused on?

We are still in the early days, having only launched on the 15th of November, but we have experienced notable growth in many key regions across Europe, Latin American, CIS regions, and Asia-Pacific. In short, we’re want to be global, and we aim to add new partners from across the world as we continue our journey.


How can affiliates make a mark in the industry and grab a slice of the cake in a competitive marketplace?

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The primary opportunity for affiliates lies in thinking outside the box while testing, testing, and testing again. Around 90% of affiliates choose to stick with a conventional approach to affiliate marketing, and, while it’s obviously a way to proceed as it can be effective, there will be a ceiling as they don’t stand out from the crowd through innovation.

We want to consistently support affiliates with creative ideas, providing them with favourable deals and occasional testing budgets.

Honesty and transparency are also of the utmost importance. Affiliates who are people-led, that have values and are fantastic to deal with, will lead to a much more positive outcome, over those who might have great results but aren’t as open to a collaborative approach.


Are you using any particular technology, such as AI, to further your offering?

We have been leveraging AI for instantaneous traffic quality prediction, fraud prevention, and to help foster creativity and in my opinion, these primary aspects will soon become commonplace in affiliate marketing.

We also use machine learning (ML) for traffic quality prediction. Tools like Midjourney and other AI image generators play a significant role in our landing page preparation, yielding impressive results. Ultimately, AI and ML solutions will become commonplace, and by gaining first-mover advantage, we can further excel in the space.

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What can we expect from R2D in 2024?

We are experiencing substantial growth already, maintaining a steady quarterly increase of between 15% to 20% so we are set for a successful year ahead. Our primary challenge now lies in sustaining and enhancing this growth while also becoming more cost-efficient in terms of outgoings. Thanks to our CRM and VIP management department, we continue to improve our capabilities in this regard.

We are excited to utilise our team’s passion and knowledge of the industry to further build on our product offering, and work towards our ambitious goal to grow our network further.

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