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Gaming supplier Zitro has announced its strategic expansion into new casinos and states across the US.

In January 2022, California, Oklahoma and Florida were the only states in which Zitro operated. That figure has now grown to 10 states, including Arizona, New Mexico, Minnesota, Virginia, Ohio racinos, Connecticut, and Wisconsin.

Zitro has tripled its market presence and doubled the number of casinos with Zitro machines in less than a year.

“Centered on establishing a significant presence within the US market, our strategic approach combines innovation and steady growth,” said Johnny Ortiz, founder of Zitro. “We are learning, and our objective – which we will achieve – is to obtain licenses in all major jurisdictions throughout the United States and Canada. However, this isn’t a sprint goal; it’s a long-distance race in which we aim to reach the finish line.

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“We have recently opened a new technology campus in India, which will enable us to keep growing and addressing both our current markets and any demand that may arise in the US, as well as in other jurisdictions.”

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