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Roulette is a pretty simple game for gamblers to play. It only takes a few minutes to learn the rules, and you can play it without using a single strategy. However, using various techniques can improve your chances of making a profit, and it makes the gameplay much more interesting. So, if you’re looking to take your roulette skills to the next level, keep reading this guide! Today, we’ll teach you how to use the Fisher roulette strategy.

The Fisher Roulette Strategy Explained 

When playing roulette for real money, you want to make the most of every spin of the wheel. This is where the Fisher technique comes in. So, how does the Fisher roulette strategy work?

The technique focuses on even-money bets (odd vs even, high vs low, and red vs black). When you place an even-money bet, your wager covers half of the roulette table’s numbers, with the exception of 0 and 00. Thus, the probability of winning an even-money bet is nearly 50%. Your odds are greater when playing European Roulette, as there is no 00 pocket. 

When using the Fisher roulette strategy, you will only place even-number bets. Since wins and losses will be evenly distributed, you have a higher chance of winning over a large number of spins.  According to the creator of the Fisher roulette strategy guide, players don’t need to have a significant bankroll in order to rake in profit. They claim that if you use the Fisher strategy for long enough, it is impossible to have a losing run. To prove this, the guide’s author, Martin J. Silverthorne, tested the strategy with over 10,000 roulette spins and didn’t have a losing run. 

So why not use the progressive-bet Martingale system when playing roulette? After all, mathematically speaking, it would eventually bring you a huge payout. Well, you would need to have a gigantic bankroll in order to withstand a losing streak. Plus, when you factor in table limits, you might not even be able to make it very far into a bet’s progression. 

The advantage of using the Fisher roulette strategy over Martingale is that it isn’t a fixed progression system. You don’t have to worry about maxing out the table limit before you make up for your losses. While a Martingale bet progression could only stand around 7 or 8 consecutive losing bets, the Fisher strategy will prevail even if you lose 15 or more consecutive bets.

Why is this? Well, 4 wins will offset the effect of 9 losses. 5 wins offset 12 losses, and so on. Even if it takes you a full 20 bets to complete a coup, you’ll end up with a net win

Is the Fisher Roulette Strategy Credible?

There are not many Fisher roulette strategy reviews available online. However, the math checks out. Take a look at the table below, originally calculated by Silverthorne, showing what could happen across many roulette spins. The full table goes up to 500 betting decisions and ends up with a net profit of $3840:

Fisher roulette strategy table, according to coup count.

If you want to test it out and see if Silverthorne’s claims are true, try playing roulette for fun instead of for real money. If you find that it is a successful strategy, then use it to make real wagers in gambling games. 

What Other Roulette Betting Strategies Are There?

We’ve already mentioned the Martingale strategy, which requires you to double your bet after each loss (and then revert to the original amount after a win). However, there are many other roulette techniques! Here are two popular ones: 

D’Alembert Strategy 

If you want to use a progressive betting system without reaching a table’s limits so quickly, consider using the D’Alembert strategy. Rather than doubling your bet after each loss, you simply increase it by one unit. After a win, decrease your bet by one unit. So, let’s say that your base unit is $5. The progression would look like this: Bet $5 (Loss), Bet $10 (Loss), Bet $15 (Win), Bet $10… and so on. 

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Fibonacci Strategy 

The Fibonacci sequence can be found all around us in nature. It turns out that you can also find it in a casino! The betting sequence is as follows: 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89 – 144 – 233 – 377 – 610 – 987. When you use the Fibonacci strategy, you will only use it for even-number bets. After a win, start back at the minimum bet. 

Both the D’Alembert and Fibonacci strategies are considered to be very safe. 

Where Can You Try the Fisher Roulette Strategy?

Are you ready to try out the Fisher strategy and play roulette online? Or, did any of the other techniques tickle your fancy? Come on over to Bob Casino! Bob has an impressive library chock-full of casino games, including many varieties of roulette. You can even check out our live casino options, which feature real dealers! Come sign up for an account today and see if Lady Luck is on your side. 

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