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The UK government yesterday published its call for evidence into the review of gambling legislation.

Trade associations, individual companies and members of the public who may be interested in the subject have been invited to comment on the gambling laws as they stand and what, if anything, should replace them.

The street market is likely to ask for the right to have linked jackpots in adult gaming centres, for example, and other concessions. It is also likely that cashless gaming will be a key factor.

At present, AWP machines can only be played with coins, although there are many alternatives to this, including banknotes used for change purposes and devices for electronic wallets.

A gambling ombudsman is likely to be a major topic for discussion and a levy on all forms of gambling to fund greater support and research in the area of vulnerable gamblers. Age verification methods will probably be discussed, as well as further restrictions on fixed odds betting terminals.

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The playing field is already being levelled by the new ban on under-18s from playing the National Lottery to come into force from October of next year.

Sports sponsorship is also set for a long debate, with advertising of online gambling websites a key area.

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