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UK Gambling Commission CEO Andrew Rhodes stated that the upcoming financial vulnerability checks, scheduled for August this year, are about “removing friction for people.”

In a press briefing to discuss the UKGC’s consultation response released earlier today, Rhodes explained: “Through an early screening check, based on data, if there is actually no reason to have any intervention with you at all, then there won’t be.

“Right now, that doesn’t exist in the same way. Operators need to make a judgement call on whether to have an interaction with you, and we know that a lot of consumers just don’t like that happening.”

He stressed that these should not be considered ‘limits’ or ‘stopping points’ from play.

When asked whether these might encourage VIPs to the black market, the Commission’s executive director of research and policy, Tim Miller, pointed out that the drivers to the black market are notably different in the UK than in other markets.

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“The UK is often praised for the level and range of its consumer choice,” he pointed out. “People look quite enviously at the UK in terms of the range of consumer choice on offer here. We have a large number of operators offering a diverse range of products.

“Regulators around the world are, I think, waking up to the fact that the diversity in the UK market is one of the reasons why we have one of the higher channelisation rates. This is in contrast to others where you have, for example monopoly positions, that actually can drive people to the black market.

“In addition, the things we do know from data that we can access is that, in terms of the UK, primarily illegal overseas operators are not targeting your average consumer or even your VIP consumers, they are targeting people that have self-excluded from gambling, the so-called ‘not on GamStop’ websites.”

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