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Rumours are circulating in the UK that the new Truss government will scrap the bill to reform the gambling laws.

That will come as good news for the online gambling business that was bracing itself for some tough new measures to be brought in to cool that particular market. But all sectors of the UK’s gambling industry had been to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport with their own shopping list’.

The Guardian’s chief political correspondent, Jessica Elgot, has caused dismay in the industry generally with the view that a number of measures currently left for the incoming regime by Boris Johnson’s cabinet will be ditched.

One of them is the much-anticipated and several times delayed review of the gambling legislation. Elgot admits that the information on gambling is at this time just rumours.

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The revision of the UK’s gambling laws has been on the cards for the past two years, having been in the last Conservative Party manifesto as far back as 2019.

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