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Cost of living concerns and safety measures have brought about a “plateau” in the growth of the betting industry in recent years, asserts UK Gambling Commission CEO Andrew Rhodes.

He made the remarks during a speech at an awards ceremony in Melbourne, Australia, yesterday.

Rhodes said that the sector was yet to overcome the full effects of the pandemic and this flew in the face of the popular conception that online gambling flourished during the lockdowns.

“Overall participation in gambling is stable and has not been growing,” he told an audience at the International Association of Gaming Regulators.

“It is true that online has continued to grow, but the whole market has not.” He emphasised that the plateau he referred to was in the UK market for licensed gambling.

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He also discredited some of the suggestions that the unregulated market was seriously impacting the legitimate business – at least the degree to which it is said to affect the business. “It is not the overwhelming risk that it is sometimes painted to be.”

This has already been countered by the Betting and Gaming Council, representing most of the operators, who quickly responded through news media City AM that unlicensed operators continued to be a growing threat.

It points out that the number of people playing on unlicensed sites had more than doubled in two years from 220,000 to 460,000 in the UK.

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