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Didimo, a startup that develops lifelike 3D digital human avatars in just 70 seconds, has partnered with UKIE, the trade association for the UK’s games and interactive entertainment industry. Together, the two seek to extend support to game developers to harness the latest advances in 3D digital humans and help navigate rapid technological changes in the sector.

With increased focus on immersive and personalised gaming, pay-for-play approaches and metaverse expansion, Didimo can offer real-world experiences from its gaming and other clients to help more game developers implement their digital human strategy and tap into market growth.

“While the gaming industry has always been an innovation leader, and in reality has been pioneering much of the thinking and technology for the metaverse, the technical capabilities to create lifelike, animatable 3D humans is very complex. That is why Didimo has focused on making a one-step, cloud-based platform to do this work for game developers, so they can easily integrate their users into their latest game titles. With this partnership, we are helping more developers to realize their vision and to grow and empower customer experience. With this partnership, we believe we are evolving on the gaming area and creating space to grow and empower customer experience,” Jim Franzen, Head of Sales and Marketing at Didimo, said.

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“Since day one, we have aimed to overcome the barriers between the real and the digital world and offer everyone the possibility to have digital experiences that are fully personal and connected. By joining UKIE, and all its members, we are taking yet another big step to make the most out of our leading technology,” Veronica Orvalho, founder and CEO of Didimo, said.

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