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Designed to meet a need for simple, flexible and engaging slot games across online and land-based casinos, Boss Gaming Solutions has created ThunderSpin, a new design studio.

Boss is a well-known casino and sportsbook platform provider based in Malta and it has created the studio in response to the continued growth within the online casino industry.

“As a slot development studio, our main focus is to develop games equipped with engaging mechanics, high-quality sounds, colourful graphic designs and rewarding bonus features,” explained Alex Kosogov, the company’s head of game development.

“We have a very talented team of professionals who share one vision – to actually push the boundaries of the industry in order to provide players with a more innovative, more exciting and engaging gaming experience.

“One of the major benefits for our partners is that they do not have to worry about the popularity of the games. Before adding new products to our portfolio, we conduct extensive market research and try to fill the existing gaps and answer player demands.

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“In addition, we help our partners to acquire and retain customers through different bonuses and features – such as free spins, tournaments, jackpots, cross-selling between slots and special promotions. These functionalities can be easily integrated into any client platform.”

The studio has the intention of helping benefit partners with an ability to provide customised game titles. “If a partner has an idea of their ideal slot or just wants an exclusive game for a particular casino, we can create it for them.”

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