The Global Slot Machine Market is expected to grow by $ 8.91 bn during 2021-2025, progressing at a CAGR of 12.14% during the forecast period

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There are dozens of sports in the world, and you can bet on most of them now. If you open a bookmaker’s app, you’ll be confused by the number of sports, championships, numbers, and odds. So which one to choose?

Suppose you read the bookmaker’s review of LV BET at and decided to choose it. Every bookmaker offers betting on at least a few primary sports. First question: which to bet on, individual or team?

There is a perception among newcomers that it is much easier to bet on individual sports. It is believed that it is easier to study one athlete than the whole team. Let us tell you right away that this is a delusion.

It should be noted that, on the one hand, it is indeed easier to analyze one player than an entire football team. But on the other hand, in singles sports, every little detail is much more important. In any team sport, if a player gets injured or is not feeling well, he will simply be replaced. In an individual sport, this is impossible.

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This sport is the most popular in the world and therefore the most recommended for betting. The main advantage is a large number of national and international tournaments, about which a lot of information can be gathered. The bookmakers lower the margin on top matches, and that’s all you need: the less the bookmaker takes a percentage of each bet, the more you have left at a distance.

The main disadvantage lies in the same place. If you watch a lot of football, imagine how much of it is watched by the analysts at the betting shop. You’re unlikely to find odds that are too good to be true. Besides, for a complete analysis, you need to study the fitness of each team’s player, which is as many as 22 people, not counting substitutes.



The good thing about tennis is that you will always find a match to bet on. Tennis tournaments take place all year round. As you are reading this article, someone is probably playing tennis somewhere. The best way to bet on this sport is to bet live. Athletes often take the lead from each other during the game, so you can bet back and make a profit on any outcome of the game.

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The disadvantages of betting on tennis are connected with the typical disadvantages of individual sports. You can be 100% sure that Djokovic will win, while he will feel too hot or the sneakers will disturb the athlete. The outcome is too dependent on the mood and fitness of one player.


Basketball and hockey

The good thing about basketball and hockey is that they are played more regularly than football, where most games are played at the weekend. Each team has 2-4 games per week. Big statistical base. Another plus is the quality video broadcasts. You can watch the game live and adjust your bets according to what you see. Also, there are frequent comebacks here, and you can detect the odds.

Cons: Not many tournaments to bet. For NBA and NHL matches, bookmakers compile wide spreads with a wide range of bets and odds, but there are simply no comparable competitions to them.

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You will have to bet on the Euroleague and KHL or wait for international tournaments. Another drawback is that it’s seasonal. Hockey and basketball tournaments have a break of several months, during which you will have to wait.


American football

Pros: high odds, big betting limits, lots of information on teams, players and different statistical materials. Also, in the NFL every team can win or lose, so there is a lot to bet on.

Cons: you can basically only bet on the NFL, in which most matches will be played one or two days a week, and then you have to wait again.

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