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A year can bring so much within a short time, as 2020 has shown everyone. As we usher in a new year, online casino players have great expectations for the coming year, and they wait with anticipation for recent, better trends to start rolling out.

These trends are expected to shape the 2021 betting industry better than they did the previous year. From payment options to how bettors play slot games online, there are numerous things players can expect from playing online slots in 2021.

For starters, you can expect to see more slot games introduced to online casinos. Slots are trendy among bettors, and every year, game developers are coming up with new, better games for them to sample. They are coming up with new themes every year. Some of the themes you can expect to see in 2021 include popular movies and TV shows, comics, mythology, and popular cultures.

Expect to see more of your favorite Marvel character in slot games as well as new protagonists. More slot developers will start remaking games into virtual reality, which will offer players life-like experiences. With such games, they will feel like they are interacting with the reels and characters one-on-one.

There will also be an increase in life-like 3D slot games that will feature realistically designed symbols. You can also expect a slight change in slots gameplay to make everything more captivating.

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Upcoming Slot Titles in 2021

Numerous slot titles are waiting to be unleashed on online casinos. In January, Yggdrasil will release Frost Queen Jackpots, which will match the cold weather this winter. Fans of the frost queen character will have a field day playing the title. The storyline follows a beautiful blue-skinned lady who has white hair. She has evil intentions and magical powers emanating from her tiara. You will have to fight her to reach lucrative jackpots as you spin the snow and icicle-covered reels.

The same month, NetEnt is expected to release the Fruit Shop Megaways game. It is a fruit-themed title with extra details to create more realistic and exciting gameplay. Some of its symbols include lemons, cherries, oranges, and watermelons. These fruits are so realistic that they will leave you with a craving to have some.

Security will Evolve for New Slots

In 2021, online slots will come with top-notch security technologies aimed to protect bettors from hackers. The security will use artificial intelligence to spot any suspicious IP addresses, malicious files, and threats players might face.

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Using artificial intelligence to strengthen security measures means detecting any issues within seconds and sending reports to security departments who immediately neutralize the threats. Bettors will, therefore, not be worried about sharing their personal and bank details with online casinos.

Playing More Slot Games on Mobile Devices

While mobile betting is not new in the online casino industry, more bettors will prefer playing slots on their mobile devices. More players own smartphones, and they view them as a great and convenient way to bet online.

With the pandemic that forced many people to remain indoors, more bettors realized that playing online slots on their mobile devices was safer and more comfortable. The trend is likely to continue in 2021, and players can expect to find more mobile-friendly slot games this year.

More Online Pokies for New Zealanders and Aussies

New Zealand and Australia are known for their love for slots, or pokies, as they fondly call them. For that reason, slot developers are designing games aimed for Kiwis and Aussies, with titles resonating with them. In 2021, these players can expect to enjoy more NZ online pokies options at online casinos. These pokies will come with better gameplay, more appealing graphics, and more significant rewards. They will also be from reputable game providers who don’t compromise on quality.

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Games developers compete to design new mechanics, especially those with more significant rewards and high volatility. Kiwis and Aussies will now get more number of ways to win playing pokies. These games will come with better features, and they can expect some to feature progressive jackpots.

What is the Future of Online Slots?

In 2021, online slot players will enjoy numerous perks from both developers and betting platforms. Ranging from new title games to software and types of games, the fun is just kicking off. Emerging new online casinos will offer players more slot options accompanied by bigger bonuses and more exciting gameplay. Hit television series and movies will also continue to inspire game titles in 2021. Get started by playing your favorite slot title today.

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