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Casino Concorde is located in the heart of San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, and is one of the most well-known casinos in the region.

Although casinos in Costa Rica have yet to be given a date to reopen, Casino Concorde has been working on a range of health and safety measures that will provide its visitors with peace of mind when the time comes for them to resume operations.

TCS John Huxley has had a strong presence in the region for many years and has worked with Casino Concorde during this time. When the company introduced its Care & Protect range of products, the casino knew the Chip Sanitiser would be the ideal choice to provide the right level of protection for players and staff.

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By using UV-C light technology, up to 100 chips can be sanitised in just minutes, killing harmful germs that lurk on the surface. The Chip Sanitiser features a unique patent pending design that ensures every surface of the chip is cleaned. It also incorporates a safety mechanism, so the machine will not operate unless the unit is completely shut, guaranteeing no harmful UV light can escape.

Jorge Miranda, director of operations for Casino Concorde, commented: “I have known TCS John Huxley and the high quality of their service and products for many years, which is why we did not hesitate in choosing this sanitising product for our chips. 

“With the current situation, it is important that we offer the highest safety standards to our customers and the community, which is why we are working hard to be ready and equipped even beyond the required protocols set by the Ministry of Health.”

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