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G2E 2022 will provide a significant showcase for TCS John Huxley, a leader in research, development, services and innovation in the live gaming space.

The company has an exciting new booth location on “Fremont Street” and will also be displaying its igaming products to the US market for the first time, as well as the extensive portfolio of industry benchmark core products.

Providing operators with products and solutions that are trusted globally for quality, innovation, reliability and security is paramount, whether it’s for the land-based or online sectors.

When you factor in casinos that operate 24/7 businesses and can reach hundreds of thousands of players on a daily basis, as many online operations do, it becomes crucial.

Having worked with many leading online gaming providers for numerous years, TCS John Huxley understands and knows how to overcome the challenges of lighting and recording a live game.

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From entirely matt wheels which help minimise issues of studio light reflection to bespoke, award-winning innovations such as the Mega Money Wheel, which can be upright or horizontal depending on preferred camera angles, TCS John Huxley works in partnership with its igaming customers to deliver quality products of the highest level with exceptional attention to detail.

On show at G2E will be a range of igaming products, including reduced footprint card tables designed to preserve space in studio set-ups; the Saturn Auto Wheel with its distinctive compact design which means it can sit on existing tables, integrate into furniture or be displayed on a stand-alone podium providing flexibility, while remaining secure and reliable; and the Mega Money Wheel which creates maximum impact and brings another level of excitement to the game of chance.

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Precision engineered, the Mega Money Wheel can incorporate custom finishes and designs allowing operators to create a unique centerpiece that players will not forget.

In addition, there will be a host of other new products including some exciting table games for roulette and blackjack and a new collection of high impact graphics for the Ora Grande winning number displays, plus an exceptional display of roulette wheels, chipping machines, Blaze LED surface technology tables and Qorex EGTs.

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