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A US tribal casino is the latest venue to have a Table Trac management system installed.

The CasinoTrac has gone into the War Pony Resort and Casino that is under construction at Devol, Oklahoma, on behalf of Comanche Nation Entertainment of Lawton, Oklahoma.

The tribe operates four properties in the state with two more on the way – the new one at Devol and also the Comanche Cache Casino are scheduled to open this year.

Said Jack Crane, COO of Comanche Nation Entertainment: “Table Trac’s system is perfectly suited for a property of War Pony’s size. Table Trac also adapted its services quickly to account for new protocols related to Covid, with selectable systems that create social distancing among players.

“We can programme the machines to detect when a player begins to use one to automatically take the machines on either side of the player out of service. This is especially beneficial since we don’t know the long-term effects of Covid, or whether social distancing protocols will continue to change.”

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